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Spring is a time of renewal, and many of us choose to mark the occasion by cleaning and tidying our homes. We put away our heavy winter clothes and blankets and prepare for a summer spent outside on our patios soaking up the sun.

Setting up your patio for spring involves more than just bringing your patio furniture out of storage. That is why we have prepared this handy guide to help you prepare your patio for spring, and get the most out of your outdoor oasis.


Prep Your Furniture

After you bring your patio furniture out of storage it doesn’t hurt to give it a thorough inspection and a touch up clean. You likely gave your patio furniture a thorough cleaning before you put it away for the winter, but it never hurts to wipe down your furniture and get rid of any dust that may have accumulated. Different materials require different cleaning routines and products, so if you aren’t sure how to clean and maintain your patio furniture you should consult an expert before proceeding. To help you we’ve created handy guides to help you clean and maintain your stainless steel and teak patio furniture. 

For wicker or rattan furniture you will need an old toothbrush, a soft cloth, and a bucket of warm soapy water. First, use the soft cloth and the soap solution to wipe the furniture’s surface and remove any dirt or grime on the surface of your furniture. Then use the toothbrush and the soap solution to clean any hard to reach spots or grooves. 

Clean Your Deck or Patio

Once the last of the snow melts you may find that your deck or patio is looking a little grubby. Before you start arranging your furniture and puffing up your outdoor pillows you should give the area beneath your feet a good cleaning. You may think that a simple spray with the hose is enough, but a good spring cleaning involves a bit more work. 

Deck Patio

For wooden decks, you should first scrape away any loose finish, then give the whole deck a thorough scrubbing. You should avoid using a brush with metal bristles, especially on cedar or redwood decks, since the metal bristles may scar this soft wood. Next, you should apply a deck brightener using a stiff bristle brush. When the brightener has finished setting you should give your deck a thorough rinse with a power washer. This will help remove the brighter solution and any other residue. If your deck is made of a softer wood you should only use the power washer on the lowest setting. This will help prevent the wood from becoming damaged.

Cement Patio

Before you begin cleaning your patio you should remove any weeds that have grown up around the edges or between the paving stones. Once this is finished you can clean your patio with warm water and vinegar mixture. Simply mix the water and vinegar in equal parts for an easy, eco-friendly cleaning solution. For more stubborn stains you can either increase the vinegar concentration or switch to a water and baking soda solution. Create a thick paste with the water and baking soda and spread it over the affected area. Let it sit for thirty minutes or until dry and then scrub the area with a stiff bristled brush and rinse.

Heavily stained or mildewed patios may require more than elbow grease. In those cases, you will want to consider using a power washer, which can be rented from many home improvement stores. Simply follow the directions on the power washer for cleaning cement patios and remember to wear protective gloves and eyewear.


Cleaning your patio and outdoor furniture is just one part of getting your outdoor space ready for warmer weather. How you organize your furniture, what sort of furniture you select, and what other amenities you add all play a role in creating the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family. 

Encourage Conversation

Food has always played a key role in socialization, so it makes sense to create an outdoor space that emphasized that. A large outdoor dining table can act as a great focal point for your patio and create a space that encourages conversation. If you prefer quieter settings then you may enjoy a small bistro set for two, perfect for sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with your partner or a friend.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Glassware

Glass and patios don’t often mix well, so many of us opt for plastic glassware when we are out on our patios. Traditionally that meant purchasing a set of cheap plastic glasses and using the one-glass-all-drinks approach. You can elevate your patio dining experience with safe, durable, beautiful glassware from brands like Stahl. Stahl glasses are made using an innovative form of polycarbonate, allowing them to seamlessly combine the look of fine glassware with the durability of plastic, and all Stahl glassware is dishwasher safe.

Consider Your Lighting

A good get-together doesn’t end when the sun goes down, which is why good lighting is an important part of any outdoor space. When selecting lighting make sure you consider your space: Would a large freestanding light look better here? Or should you opt for something smaller that you can mount to your patio umbrella? If you aren’t sure what sort of lighting is best for your outdoor oasis the friendly staff in our showroom would be happy to help.

Create Unobtrusive Storage Spaces

A welcoming patio space should include at least a little bit of storage so that you have a handy place to stash blankets, extra pillows, and maybe even some toys for the kids. However, that doesn’t have to mean a stack of ugly bulky plastic bins. Patioline offers a wide variety of beautiful and elegant patio storage solutions to suit any outdoor decorating taste.

Make Your Evenings Cozy

Summer may be coming, but even the warmest days can lead into chilly nights. There is nothing worse than having to move the party back inside because everyone is shivering. A fire table is an easy and versatile way to keep your patio cozy once the sun sets. Fire tables are a great way to get that fire pit ambiance without the hassle. Fire tables are designed with multiple safety features to prevent accidents and can be fueled by either natural gas or propane. They are clean burning, produce only minimal smoke, and are easy to maintain. If you are curious about adding a fire table to your outdoor space come visit us in our showroom. We can answer any questions you may have and help you determine which style is right for your outdoor oasis.

Add a Splash of Colour

New cushions and throw pillows are an easy and affordable way to brighten up any outdoor space, but not all textiles are made equal. Our outdoor textiles are specially designed to stand up to the rigors of outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry about them during any sudden rainstorms. All of our pillows are UV, mold, and mildew resistant and easy to clean. For more information about our made to order outdoor textiles please visit our showroom.

Create Some Shade

There is nothing more relaxing on a hot summer day then retreating to the shade with a cold drink. To help you create a shady spot for your hot summer afternoons we offer a wide variety of high-quality gazebos, cabanas, and umbrellas. We carry shade solutions for every outdoor space and all of our products are designed to stand up to the rigors of Calgary’s fickle weather.

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