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A close up on an outdoor ambient light hanging over a patio

Building your perfect patio takes time and is not completed by adding just one piece. Whether you have patio furniture or an umbrella, there is one detail that always seems to take a patio to the next level, outdoor lighting. 

Not only do outdoor lights allow you to stay outside longer on those warm summer nights, but they also add to the beautiful atmosphere of your patio. But this isn’t about just buying a simple light bulb, these lights are going to be seen by your friends and family every time they visit. So how do you find what’s best for your patio? 

We’ve got you covered with all the best solutions for the summer. 


Adding outdoor lights to your patio is an easy way to add life and bring out the character of your patio. In addition to adding to the general atmosphere of your patio, outdoor lights are great at providing another layer of security to your house and backyard. 

If you are like most patio owners, you’ve put work into most aspects of your patio and the surrounding backyard. This could be a collection of flowers that you love or maybe some impressive woodwork. While these aspects are great to look at during the day, they get lost in the evening and nighttime. 

Installing your own outdoor lighting means having control of what your patio looks like in the dark. You can pull attention away from certain areas and have your guests focus on others. This is a perfect way to hide a project that maybe isn’t quite finished yet and highlight the ones you love. 

The 3 best types of light's to light your outdoor patio


Whether you’re just developing your patio or you’re looking for pieces to improve what you already have, these different types of lights are sure to fit with any type of patio. 

Within your patio, having a mix of the three light types below is what is going to bring the flare to your backyard. Before selecting lights, map out where they would be most effective in your backyard and which areas you want to shine the brightest. 

Now that we understand the effect outdoor light can have, let’s talk about the different types of lights. Below are our recommendations for each type of light and the specific lights within it.

A close up on an outdoor ambient light hanging over a patio

Ambient Lights

Also known as general lighting, ambient lights are going to provide the most light to your patio. These lights are great for keeping a conversation going late into the evening and being able to walk safely around your patio. 

Ambient lighting is the foundation to lighting your patio. Once solid ambient lighting is in place, you can start to install the other two types to bring out certain areas. 

Ambient lights include: 

Task Lights

Unlike ambient lights, task lights are only going to shine light in a specific area. These lights are a great choice if you are looking to bring a little extra light to a certain area of your patio (most likely where people will be walking and relaxing). However, task lights cannot be used on their own, they need the support of ambient lights to project best. 

These lights aren’t used as much for aesthetics as they are for function. Having task lights will make you and your guests feel safe while lounging around at night. 

Task lights include: 

Accent Lights

Accent lights are the lights that are going to bring your patio to the next level. If you’re looking to add lights to your patio, you have most likely put work into other areas of your patio that can only be seen during the day. Accent lights allow you to highlight those features during the night as well. 

Similar to task lights, accent lights shine light directly at a small area or object. In contrast to the rest of your lighting, accent lights can make certain areas pop, ensuring focus will be drawn to them. 

Accent lights include: 


Installing outdoor lighting on your patio can seem like a tall task for one summer. The nice thing about the different types of lighting above is that they build on each other. Starting with a simple ambient light can make a big difference to your patio at the start. 

Even though it is important to have a general idea of which lights you would like and where before you buy them, don’t be afraid to take chances with your light placement. Experimenting with your outdoor lighting will show you some excellent areas to highlight that you may have been missing. 

Now is a great time to get excited about your patio and its potential this summer. 

Learn more about our outdoor lighting and other patio necessities. 

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