New Beginnings at Patioline: A Legacy Reimagined

Patioline: Embracing a New Chapter with Passion and Vision

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Patioline - Forever Outdoor Furniture. As we embrace a new chapter, we're thrilled to introduce Dean Morrison as the new owner of Patioline, marking the start of a fresh, invigorated era for our beloved brand.

Meet Dean Morrison: A Fusion of Passion and Expertise

Dean Morrison, renowned for his accomplishments as an Investor Relations, ESG & Corporate Communications Professional, brings a wealth of experience in Corporate Planning, Capital Markets, and Treasury. His journey with Patioline began not in the boardroom, but in our showroom – as a client. His deep appreciation for our products and understanding of the brand's potential inspired a vision to rejuvenate Patioline.

A Client Turned Visionary Leader

Dean's decision to acquire Patioline was fueled by his passion for the brand and a desire to preserve its essence in Calgary, Alberta. Witnessing the previous owners' plans to shut down, he saw an opportunity not just for business growth but to keep alive a legacy that resonates deeply with the community.

Patioline's Future: Rooted in Tradition, Geared for Innovation

Under Dean's leadership, Patioline is set to experience transformational growth while staying true to the values and quality that our customers cherish. His strategic approach combines traditional business wisdom with innovative ideas, ensuring Patioline remains a staple in Calgary and beyond.

Commitment to Excellence and Community

Dean Morrison envisions Patioline as more than a premium patio furniture store; it's a community hub and a testament to enduring quality and service. His plans include expanding our range, enhancing customer experience, and reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Join Us in Welcoming a New Era

We invite you to be part of this exciting new phase at Patioline. Whether you're a long-time patron or new to our family, your support and feedback are vital to our journey ahead. Visit us to experience the renewed spirit of Patioline, where we continue to celebrate the joy of outdoor living.


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