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A wooden gazebo covering tables and chairs in a backyard garden

If you’re looking for quality protection from sun, rain, or hail, gazebos and canopies are great investments. Both offer quality shade and protection, but what is the difference between a gazebo and a canopy? An expert can help you find the best option for your backyard if you’re stuck, but let’s identify the various strengths and differences between these options. 


A comparison between the components and benefits of a Gazebo and a canopy to highlight the differences of both


A gazebo is a great alternative to the traditional patio umbrella, but you may have also heard about canopies. These terms may be used interchangeably at times, so what’s the difference between them? 

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a freestanding roof structure providing shade and protection from the elements. Gazebos can come in many shapes and sizes such as ovals, octagons, and hexagons. You can also find them made out of materials such as bamboo, cedar, or aluminum

Almost any outdoor space can benefit from a gazebo. They’re perfect for intimate outdoor dining, relaxing atmospheres, and lounging without the worry of temperamental weather (a given in Calgary). 

Gazebo Benefits 


Gazebos are made of durable material to last when poor weather rolls in. No one wants their gazebo turned into a sunroof if it hails. Their sturdy, fixed roofs can withstand anything thrown at it. Whether it’s made of wood or rust-resistant metal, you don’t need to worry about your structure failing. 


Gazebos can serve many purposes. They’re used to provide shade and cover, but you can utilize them in many ways. It can be the focal point of your backyard and serve as a gathering place for entertainment and dining. Your gazebo can also serve as a shaded area for you to rest and relax in on a warm day or provide cover when you’re barbecuing. 


Your gazebo can be as intricate as you’d like. Whatever your vision for your outdoor space is, it’s likely a gazebo can complement or complete it. With different materials available, a gazebo can add a sleek modern look or a natural, cozy feel to any area. 


What is a canopy?

A canopy is a term used to describe many different types of overhead protection. In general, canopies are an overhead structure providing shelter and shade. 

Canopies can be constructed from glass or metal, but are typically made from durable fabric. They can be attached to buildings, stand on their own, or be attached as roofs to many types of patio structures. 

Canopies can be used in temporary or permanent features, but each must provide quality protection from the elements. When you’re deciding if a canopy is best for your outdoor space, consider the following: 

Canopy Benefits 


A canopy is a great lightweight option for weather protection and is perfect if you aren’t interested in a fixed roof above your head. A canopy or a cabana can add a sleek feel if you’re looking for a modern patio look. 


No one wants a canopy that can’t handle poor weather. Thankfully, canopies are made of durable materials built to last. You can watch rain roll off your canopy while you relax with a coffee

Canopies and gazebos have many similarities. They provide quality protection from the elements and you can feel comfortable knowing both are made from durable material. With their similarities, what’s the difference between a gazebo and a canopy?

A sunny backyard patio with a canopy covering


The main difference between a gazebo and a canopy is that the former is a structure by itself while the latter is typically used as a roof on a frame, such as a cabana. Think of a canopy as the roof of a structure, it relies on a frame to support it and allow it to function. 

A gazebo is an entire freestanding design. It has a roof with supports and may have walls or screens attached for additional privacy.  If you’re trying to decide between the two for your outdoor space, which should you choose? 


The best option for your outdoor space ultimately depends on your preference. Gazebos and canopies provide your patio with essential protection from rain, sun, and hail while complementing your furniture and accessories.

If you prefer to have a large, dedicated space for entertaining guests, a gazebo can offer this with its intricacy and functionality. For a lightweight, durable solution to your patio needs, a canopy may be your best choice. If you’re stuck between which option is best for you, an expert can help point you in the right direction. 


Deciding on the right furniture for your patio can feel overwhelming. There are many options to choose from, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. If you have any patio furniture needs or are struggling to decide what option is best to keep your outdoor space safe and shaded, book a consultation with a patio-building expert.

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