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Wicker outdoor furniture surrounded by plants

After being cooped up inside for the winter, it’s time to lounge outside. Warm summer days are ahead, and there’s no more comfortable place to spend them than your backyard, deck, or patio. You can socialize with your family or kick your feet up on the table, the possibilities are endless. 

It can be great to get some air outside or relax after a long day, but how do you make your outdoor space truly feel like your own? Learn more about 2021’s outdoor furniture trends to make your backyard stand out. 

An infographic showcasing 5 2021 furniture trends for your patio during the summer


Bring a natural feel to your outdoor space. This can mean the inclusion of gardens, growers, flowers, and potted plants. Furniture made with natural materials can bring a cozy feel to your home. These materials can be quite resilient and ensure your furniture is durable all summer.


Let’s face it, in Alberta you never know when the clear blue skies turn dark and cloudy. Regardless of rain, hail, or other harsh weather conditions, you need long-lasting outdoor furniture. Nothing says durable more than woven wicker, a staple of outdoor living. Teak is another durable, natural material for your outdoor space. Splinter-free, it can last years and still feel like the first time you sat down. 

Paired with the scenery of the outdoors such as plants and flowers, you can relax in your oasis and know your paradise is safe when bad weather rolls in. Of course, if you don’t feel up to natural material, there’s nothing more durable than metal furniture. 

Organic Living

It’s almost impossible to replicate the beauty of the outdoors. You can add to your outdoor space with more than a garden. You can interweave your furniture with potted plants, planters, and window boxes to offer beauty and functionality. 


Your outdoor space isn’t just for grilling hot dogs or sitting in the sun, it’s your second living room and you need functional furniture for your needs. You can turn your backyard, deck, or patio into a fully-fledged living space. 

Cozy Living 

Your patio space doesn’t need to stop at a few chairs, a table, or a couch. These are a part of it, yes, but you can bring your space to life with rugs, pillows, cushions, and other fabrics. You deserve to be as comfortable outside as you are inside. There’s only one difference between your living room and patio: your living room has a ceiling. 

Many outdoor cushions and pillows are designed to be weather resistant, so no need to worry if you leave them outside in the rain for a day. 


If you’re following the last step, you may be looking for pillows, rugs, and other outdoor accessories. Keep in mind the colour wheel isn’t only black, white, and blue. Find the colours which speak to you, and if you’re having trouble finding combinations, there are many colour-matching resources online. 

Stay Safe with the Essentials 

Colour may be your friend, but you don’t need to rush out for a new, brightly coloured table. Colour trends can fall fast, so it never hurts to play it safe with your tables, chairs, and couches. Black and different shades of brown can create a great contrast or complement any new colours you add to your outdoor space. 

Wicker outdoor furniture surrounded by plants


The sun always sets too fast on a beautiful day, but your night doesn’t have to end. There are plenty of different lighting options for general ambience or setting the mood. 

You can set yourself up with an al fresco experience in your backyard. String lights, lanterns, and other sources can help keep the lights on when you’re enjoying a late-night dinner with your family, friends, or partner. 

All Day, All Year

Even in the summer months, it can get chilly at night. You can stay comfortable 24/7 with outdoor heating. Go the conventional route with a standard fire pit, or try something new with a fire table

They provide safe, clean-burning fire working year-round for your living space. Whether it’s a late summer night or a chilly spring day, you can stay warm by the fire. 


The natural look may be in style, but the modern look can be sleek and stylish for your outdoor furniture needs. Contemporary styles are being introduced into outdoor furniture and your dining sets, chairs, and loungers don’t need to look large and bulky to be durable. For example, steel chairs can add a modern look to your patio.


Regardless of the latest trends, you should tailor your outdoor space for your comfort, style, and functionality. Design your space for you and your interests. If you need help bringing your vision to life, you can contact an expert for help. 

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