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A close-up of a damaged wicker chair.

But what can you do when your wicker gets nicked? It depends on the material and the amount of damage. Some types of wicker can be repaired, while others require patching or replacement. Reaching out for guidance can be helpful in finding the right solution

Fortunately, we’re here to help in case of a patio accident.


Although the term wicker has been generally used to describe furniture made of rattan (a climbing vine related to the pine tree), wicker is actually a weaving style. Materials like rattan or cane were the go-to choice for the people of ancient Egypt and China, respectively, because the flexibility made the material easier to weave.

Resin wicker, or all-weather wicker, is a synthetic alternative. Resin fibres can be made into vine-like strands, appearing as authentic as the natural material but with greater durability. The material is resistant to cracking or peeling, and the appearance of the weave is consistently smooth. Resin wicker is also supported by a sturdy frame, preventing warping over time.

Another benefit of resin is customizability. Resin wicker comes in a variety of styles and colours. With the enhanced material and frame strength, resin wicker can help lengthen the time you can enjoy the timeless style.

An infographic about fixing resin wicker including how to store the furniture and getting help from professionals


Damaged resin wicker cannot be repaired, but the weave can be replaced by adding new strands.

Your Store Can Help

Trying to fix wounded wicker furniture by yourself can be challenging. It can also risk causing more damage. You may be tempted to apply a patch or glue, but the fix is temporary. Moreover, the weave is likely to wear away more quickly, with more frequent repairs needed.

Before placing a patch, you need to trim any rough or broken spots. Then, you need to weave the new material into the pattern using needle-nose pliers and finally attach the strips. However, the patch may not match your furniture’s colour. Fixing the colour with paint adds extra steps. Additionally, weaving the material can be time-consuming.

Gluing torn or roughened sections can slow weathering or cover an uneven edge for a short time. Still, glue can dry out over time or create a ragged edge and cannot replace missing sections.

When your furniture has a flaw or doesn’t look the way it used to, an expert can help restore your outdoor set.

Reach Out for Guidance

When you want to restore or replace your wicker furniture, reach out to the store you purchased it from. Check if they still have the same weave, colour, and frame style. In some cases, the store may find a solution by contacting the manufacturer. 

Keep in mind, with big box retailers, the chances are low as styles and products can change out frequently. The longer the time from your purchase date to your inquiry, the less likely they’ll still have the materials in stock.

For broken furniture that was part of a set, it may be possible to replace the item rather than repair wicker furniture. Our experts can help you find a new piece to compliment your set or add a fresh look to your outdoor space.

A man fixing a wicker chair by adding new strands


You may have grown to love your wicker patio furniture and made memories of enjoying it. Seeing it damaged can be discouraging. Unfortunately, there are some cases where your resin wicker is unfixable. Whether it’s the integrity of the frame or too much fraying, you may need to retire the piece. 

Be open to other suggestions from your dedicated outdoor experts. We want to help make your outdoor space a place you want to be with furniture you can enjoy—and make many new memories.

We’ll talk about your goals and how best to match your lifestyle, from the desired look for your space to how you’ll use it. You may want to replace your old wicker with new resin wicker or try something new like aluminum, stainless steel, or teak. Trying out another material could refresh your outdoor space and make it comfortable.

After finding a solution for your damaged wicker, we can discuss how to maximize your patio layout or give tips on preserving your new furniture. You can discover pieces to complement your design like umbrellas and cantilevers, cushions and throw pillows, and outdoor rugs. Our experts can work with you to bring out the best of your outdoor style. 


The expert team at Patioline aims to invigorate your backyard and patio, whether you’re replacing damaged wicker furniture or creating a space from scratch. We’re committed to quality, with our carefully curated lines featuring breathtaking brands, built to last.

We’ll give you one-on-one help with personalized advice about design and materials that work for you. Whatever your space or lifestyle, our team is dedicated to making your outdoor space beautiful for years to come.

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