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Resin wicker outdoor furniture, including a couch, chair, and coffee table

Finding the perfect outdoor furniture for you begins with understanding which materials are best suited for the outdoors. Purchasing a piece of outdoor furniture is a long-term investment, and making sure you get the right materials to make that investment last is important.

Rattan and wicker are similar materials in terms of style but vastly different in terms of suitability for outdoor spaces. Let’s go over precisely what ratan and resin wicker are and why resin wicker may be the better option for you.


Rattan is a type of vine related to the palm tree. In terms of malleability and appearance, it’s similar to bamboo; however, rattan is solid, whereas bamboo grows hollow. Rattan is native to humid tropical forests in Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and other similar areas. 

Rattan is often used in woven furniture for its durability, flexibility, and lightweight feel. Rattan is easily maintained and cleaned with a damp cloth. An added benefit of rattan is its affordability compared to other highly stylized furniture.

Another aspect that makes rattan highly desirable is its versatility. Rattan can be used for chairs, couches, stools, lamp frames, and more.


Resin wicker refers to a type of woven furniture made from a synthetic material similar to plastic. Synthetic resin wicker is highly durable and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. Synthetic resin is also desirable because manufacturers can easily customize colours to match your desired aesthetic.

Wicker doesn’t actually refer to the furniture material but rather the style of weave. Wicker furniture and accessories have been around for thousands of years and became popular in the modern era during the early 1900s. 

Wicker can be made from a wide variety of materials, including resin. When we refer to wicker in the outdoor furniture space, we usually talk about resin wicker for chairs, tables, outdoor sofas, and more.

An infographic outlining the difference between rattan and wicker outdoor furniture.


The most notable difference between rattan and resin wicker is that rattan is natural, while resin wicker is synthetic. While both look beautiful, this difference sets resin wicker apart regarding suitability for outdoor material.

Since rattan is a natural material similar to bamboo, exposure to the elements can damage it. In addition to discolouration, rain, wind, and cold temperatures can make the material become brittle and break more easily. Rattan’s brittleness is especially challenging in southern Alberta’s ever-changing and harsh climate.

Truth be told, rattan shouldn’t be used outdoors. That’s why resin wicker is such a useful option—it provides the look and feel of rattan with the durability of synthetic material to withstand the elements. 

Outdoor patio furniture with grey and yellow cushions


When you’re considering what outdoor furniture to purchase, the first thing you need to consider is longevity. Your investment in your outdoor leisure space should last a long time—you have earned that!

Quality resin wicker outdoor furniture can last generations because it retains its colour and structural integrity. It’s also lightweight, just like rattan, so you can move it from place to place or person to person so everybody in your life has the chance to enjoy what resin wicker has to offer.

Sometimes, choosing outdoor furniture can be challenging. With so many options to choose from and a desire to build an outdoor space you can be proud of, you need partners who are here to provide actionable, trustworthy advice. Our team at Patioline is here to help with your outdoor furniture needs. Get in touch with us to book a professional consultation and find the furniture to turn your outdoor relaxation dreams into a reality.

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