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Four wood chairs around a wood table on a patio

Wood furniture can be the crown jewel of your outdoor patio set and add character and personality to your space. In an environment like southern Alberta, protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements is recommended unless you prefer the “silver patina” which has a very natural look. 

Weatherproofing your outdoor wood furniture for all seasons in Calgary is a good idea. However, if you invest in specific types of wood, you may not have to worry about treating your wood at all.


Applying sealant to your outdoor wood furniture helps protect it from the elements. This process will keep your wood from silvering out and will keep it looking new.   

There are 2 recommended steps before applying sealant.

#1: Washing

Thoroughly wash your wood with mild soapy warm water, a small amount of bleach and a very soft bristle brush.   Scrub the furniture in the same direction as the grain.  Rinse well and allow to fully dry.  It is not recommended to use a power washer as to do so could raise the grain of your wood.   If your furniture has already fully grayed, it is recommended to use a more advanced cleaning system such as Semco 2 part teak cleaner (recommended for teak hardwoods only).  This will remove all graying, dirt and old sealants.  For other types of wood such as pine, cedar or oak do your research to find out what is best as all woods are not the same!

#2: Sanding 

The second step in preparing wood furniture is to sand it with a fine-grit sandpaper if rough areas exist. Prevent deep scratches when sanding by using extra care and patience.

To properly sand wood, make sure to sand in the same direction as the grain. Sanding with the grain blends any scratches. Scratches that occur against the wood grain are more difficult to remove. 

Sandpaper comes in gradually ascending grits, anywhere from 40 grit to 1000 grit. For your purposes, you’ll need at least 200 grit sandpaper to get the job done.

#3: Sealant Application

When choosing wood sealant, consider what type of wood you’re working with. A hardwood, like teak, requires a different sealant than a softwood, like pine, to get the best results. Choosing the right sealant ensures your work lasts longer and protects your furniture more effectively.   

Apply enough sealant to penetrate deep into the wood grain to fill any tiny cracks. Be careful not to apply too much product, as it will leave an unattractive finish later. Use a paintbrush or terry cloth rag to apply the sealant evenly across the wood surface.  For teak outdoor furniture we recommend a good sealant like Semco teak sealer which does not build up like other sealers can.  Semco teak sealer dries very quickly and two coats are required back to back for best results.  Always read manufacturer product labels for the recommended way to apply the product. 

 You should allow plenty of time for your furniture to dry before using it. Remember to be patient; the results will be worth it,

An infographic outlining the difference between teak and other wood materials.


Sealant is crucial if you’ve chosen hardwoods and softwoods like oak or pine. However, some woods have natural qualities that protect them from the weather, allowing you to skip applying a sealant. 

Teak is a fantastic material for outdoor furniture. Teak grows in the rainforests of Southeast Asia and has adapted to naturally protect itself from weather and water damage. 

This special wood has a natural oil content that keeps it nourished. It also inherently contains a lot of moisture, meaning extra moisture doesn’t make it warp, crack, or become brittle. 

Teak is a solid investment because of how long-lasting it is. Teak furniture has been shown to last up to 75 years and even longer with proper care. Speaking of care, teak doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. All you need to do is clean your furniture once or twice a year to help it maintain its colour. 

Wooden teak tables and chairs on the brick patio. Teak holds a natural oil content that keeps it nourished and it naturally protects itself from weather and water.


Some outdoor furniture can be tedious to take care of because of the extra care and maintenance you have to put in to make it last. But materials like teak are such a great option because they’re low maintenance, long-lasting, and high quality. Why spend all that time weatherproofing wood furniture when you have an option like teak?

Our team at Patioline is here to help you make informed decisions about your outdoor furniture. We understand that your outdoor furniture is an investment in your leisure time, and we want to help you achieve your relaxation dreams. Get in touch with us to book a professional consultation where we can uncover everything you want from your outdoor furniture and help you craft an outdoor space you’ll never want to leave.

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