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Your patio furniture is an investment in your happiness and relaxation. It’s essential to properly protect it from damage caused by the elements such as sun, rain, and snow. Given the constantly changing weather here in Calgary and the rest of southern Alberta, it’s a good idea to consider tools like patio covers to take care of your furniture and ensure it lasts a long time.


Patio covers are materials specifically designed to go over your patio furniture and protect them from the elements. In some cases, patio covers are sewn to the exact dimensions of your furniture so they fit snugly, however generic sizing is also a great alternative that provides the best protection possible.  Protective patio covers are particularly useful if you don’t have an outbuilding or a covered patio to store your furniture and protect it from the elements. Some furniture materials can withstand the elements more than others; however, it’s crucial to invest in protecting it to ensure it lasts a long time and you see a good return on your investment. 

An infographic showing how the elements such as snow, sun, and rain can impact your outdoor furniture


Since your patio furniture resides outside, it’s susceptible to damage from the elements. The primary function of your patio cover is to protect your furniture from these elements. Understanding what you’re protecting them from can make the investment all the more worthwhile.


Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can damage your patio furniture and cushions. As your furniture sits outside during the spring and summer, the sun is harsher. This can cause your furniture to fade and lose its vibrant colour over time. Your furniture may be susceptible to sun damage quicker than others depending on material quality.

It’s good practice to use a patio cover whenever you aren’t using your furniture. Investing in easy-to-use, well-fitting covers will make this process less tedious if you have to do it often. The effort is worth it to keep your furniture looking fantastic.


Rain can cause mould and mildew buildup in cushions and pillows. When water seeps into the cushion foam, it could take a while to dry out depending on the quality of the foam.   Mould and mildew grow when water sits in one place for too long and spreads bacteria throughout the furniture. Patio covers can protect your furniture from water damage to ensure your cushions last longer.

Water can also cause rust  and corrosion on certain metals.   Some furniture is more suitable for water, like teak wood which performs particularly well in wet environments due to the fact that it grows in tropical rainforests. 

Nonetheless, it’s still advisable to invest in protective covers to ensure your furniture lasts and looks good throughout your time with it.

Snow & Cold

Winter weather can damage patio furniture in the same way water can. Excessive moisture can encourage mould and mildew growth. The extreme cold temperatures can also make your furniture more prone to cracking as some material can become brittle.

Patio covers provide a barrier between your furniture and the elements. Whether it’s protecting from snow or harsh winter wind, they’re an essential piece of equipment especially in a place like Calgary where snow can hit at any moment.

Patio furniture cover protecting outdoor furniture from snow.


When it comes to patio cover material, the main elements to look for are:

  • Water resistance
  • Breathability
  • Weight

In many cases, these requirements lead us to recommending polyester as a suitable material for patio covers. Polyester is strong enough, lightweight enough, and water-resistant enough to protect your furniture from sun, rain, snow, and cold, making it the ideal material for patio covers.

In some cases you can use plastic as a patio cover. Plastic is highly water resistant, however it isn’t breathable so if any moisture does come in contact with soft materials it could increase the likelihood of mould and mildew growth.  It is always recommended to use a breathable material.


Here at Patioline, our team is committed to helping you enjoy your outdoor time and make memories with your family and friends. From finding you the ideal furniture set to uncovering the right accessories to suit your needs, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us to book a consultation today.

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