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Imagine you’ve prepared everything you need for your next neighbourhood BBQ. The meat is marinating, the salads are being tossed, and the only thing left to do is set up your outdoor furniture.

But when you pull out your cushions, they aren’t as bright as last summer. The colour is uneven and spotty in many areas. This is called sun fading and can ruin your fresh and stylish patio furniture. Don’t worry; a few simple tips will keep your outdoor furniture looking good for years.


Sun fading is at best annoying and, at worst, a real hit to your wallet as you need to replace your outdoor cushions every summer. It’s essential to understand how sun fading happens and what you can do to prevent it so you can save some of your hard-earned cash.

As your outdoor furniture sits outside for months and months during the hot summer, it gets exposed to harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Many manufacturers don’t build outdoor cushions to be UV resistant, and many will fade after only 6 months of sun exposure.

Three reason why protected outdoor cushions aren't as prone to sun fading versus why unprotected cushions are


While many outdoor cushions will fade over time because of low-quality material, some brands specifically manufacture their outdoor furniture to be sun-resistant and last longer. They’re a far more reasonable choice if you’re thinking about a long-term commitment.

Some brands manufactured with sun protection in mind include:

What Makes Them Different?

Let’s take Sunbrella as an example. What makes Sunbrella a better choice if you’re worried about sun fading? A few key innovations help them stand out:

  • Material Quality: Sunbrella makes its fabrics out of 100% solution-dyed acrylic. They are coloured before manufacturing to make sure they stay colourful longer.
  • UV Protection: Before dyeing fabrics, Sunbrella adds a UV-stabilized pigment that seeps into every part of the yarn.
  • Weather Resistance: Sunbrella’s unique manufacturing process ensures cushions are not only sun-protected but also resistant to bad weather like sudden rain, hail, and snow (which is helpful in Calgary).

When you’re looking to invest in long-lasting, high-quality outdoor furniture, brands like Sunbrella are a fantastic choice because of their dedication to innovation and helping your money go further.

A Eclipse Cantilever umbrella protecting a patio furniture set from the sun, all set up on a deck


There are a few ways to prevent sun fading and make your outdoor furniture last a little longer. These tips aren’t long-term solutions but can help you make the most of your old cushions before investing in new ones.

Rotate Your Cushions

You’ll likely notice some areas of your backyard are more exposed to the sun than others. When you place your furniture in these spots, the risk of sun fading increases.

To counteract the risk of sun fading, consider rotating your cushions or flipping them, so one side or area is not taking all the UV ray impact. 

Protect Your Furniture with Umbrellas

Another way to prevent sun fading is to reduce how much sun reaches your outdoor furniture. Investing in a couple of high-quality, UV-ray-blocking patio umbrellas will help provide shade for your furniture.

As an added benefit, you can move your umbrella to soak up a little bit of sun during those lovely summer days. When you finish, or you need some shade, you can quickly reopen your umbrella and keep enjoying outdoor bliss. 

Consider a gazebo or canopy to maintain some shade if you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your outdoor living space.

Store Your Cushions When You Aren’t Using Them

Living in a place where weather is drastically different across all four seasons, it’s unlikely you’ll use your outdoor furniture all the time. There are long periods, especially in the late fall and winter, when it’s too cold outside to sit on the patio and have a BBQ. 

While the sun isn’t as intense during the colder months, your patio furniture can still get sun damaged. Essential accessories for storage like stylish boxes or a well-built shed are perfect places to stash your cushions when you aren’t using them. 


Your backyard or patio are your happy places during the warmer months. You want to soak up as much sun as possible. An expert in all things relaxation can help you craft the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming about. Whether staying up to date on the latest trends or getting expert design advice, Patioline is your go-to outdoor furniture resource. Want to learn more? Book a consultation today.

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