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A teak outdoor patio furniture set with four chairs with bright red cushions surrounding a table

So, you’re in the market for some new patio furniture? That’s fantastic! 

Furniture is the best way to make the most of your patio space. But it’s essential to know that not all patio furniture is made equal, especially when you’re outfitting your particular patio area. Patio furniture comes in so many brands, materials, colours, and designs, and there are endless ways you can mix and match different sets to suit your unique sense of style. 

However, it’s one thing to have a certain picture in your head, and it’s another to have a patio set that conflicts with its environment. Even if you don’t have separate places to store your patio furniture you can use covers to keep your sets looking great for years to come.  Cushions are best stored indoors in the winter but your sofas, sectionals, tables & chairs can just be covered.

Today, we want to go over everything you need to consider before you go looking for new patio furniture. By narrowing down your needs, you can find a beautiful patio set perfectly suited to your home.

If you’re unsure what might be best for you, our team is always ready to answer your questions. Give us a call today and let our experts find the perfect set for you.

An ideal process of selecting the best patio furniture for you, including finding a space, visualizing it, talking to an expert, building your patio and finally, relaxing


The first question you should ask yourself is, “what do I need?”

Asking yourself this question will inevitably lead to more specific questions, like, “am I looking for furniture for hosting or relaxing?”, “how many people do I plan on hosting?”, “do I value fashion or function?” and “will I want to change or renovate my patio space in 5, 10, or 20 years?”

Answering these questions will immediately help you narrow down what you’re looking for. Now, there are multiple answers to every question, so don’t worry if you can’t answer yourself immediately. Sometimes a little trip to the showroom floor can help solidify exactly what you want.

A Berkeley Collection Lounge set that's made with beautiful wood and light-coloured cushions on a simplistic patio overlooking an ocean


The next step is to consider how you want your patio furniture to look.

Obviously, you’ll want to pay attention to the furniture’s colour, texture, and design, but aesthetics go a lot further than the set itself. You’ll also want to consider the colour of your house, deck, plants and foliage, and anything else you might see in your patio area.

Patio sets come in many different colours and styles, and they’re a fantastic way to evoke a certain emotion or theme. Even the colour of your cushions can really make your entire patio space pop!


You may not think of it immediately, but the flow of your patio space can make a big difference in how people interact and relax.

Knowing where you want to place your furniture goes back to determining what you actually need from your patio space. Are you looking to have space for dinner parties? Do you want areas to relax and enjoy a moment of quiet? Or do you want your guests to gather around an elegant backyard fire?


Now we’re getting into the functionality of your patio furniture.

The type of weather you have can make a huge difference when it comes to picking a patio set. Calgary is known for scorching summers and frigid winters, so you want your patio furniture to withstand any weather that’s thrown at it.

Thankfully, every patio set we offer is made of high-grade materials like stainless steel, teak, aluminum and wicker. With proper care and management, materials like these can last for years, even in the most tumultuous weather conditions.


Speaking of care and management, where will you store your patio furniture?

Now, it’s not essential to have a copious amount of storage space for your patio furniture, but it could help protect certain items like cushions and umbrellas. Many patio furniture fabrics can withstand whatever the elements throw at it, but it could wear down the look of your furniture over time. Covering your patio furniture can help protect it from our cold winter weather but remember to keep your cushions indoors to protect it from wildlife.

Having room to store your patio furniture can also open up options for different sets depending on the season or occasion. For example, the place you set up your dinner space may also be a fantastic location to make an outdoor fire. Having some room to store one set and put out another is a great way to expand the versatility of your patio area.


We’ve covered how to clean your patio furniture quite a bit in previous blog posts, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to clean your patio furniture every week.

Certain materials like aluminum may need less maintenance than teak or stainless steel and wicker. However, it’s important to note that all types of patio furniture materials will need some extent of cleaning to keep them looking beautiful.

Check out our guide for cleaning your patio furniture to get an idea of what type of maintenance certain materials require.


Above all else, choose quality.

Buying cheap or flimsy patio furniture may save you a few pennies right now, but you’ll eventually have to replace it after a few years of wear and tear. Quality furniture not only looks fantastic, but it can also last a lot longer than the cheaper sets you might find in big retail chains. And with a bit of care, you can help keep your patio furniture looking fantastic for many years to come. The saying “You get what you pay for” is generally true when it comes to the longevity of outdoor furniture.

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