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A Castelle outdoor patio furniture set that's set up on a wooden surface next to a pool and walls on the right and behind covered in plants and vines

We have all felt it before: walking into a friend or family member’s backyard, looking around and thinking, “I think my mom had that table when I was a little kid,” or, “I remember when my uncle was so proud of that lawn chair.”

While there’s nothing wrong with a little blast from the past, it’s always important to keep your exterior decorating in the here and now. Fresh, modern patio furniture isn’t just trendy; it’s quintessential to delivering that “wow” factor.

If the idea of following a trend makes you shudder, there’s no need to worry. Freshening up your patio experience is all about expressing yourself, and there are plenty of ways to do that without having to sacrifice quality and appeal. Our team is also always ready to help keep your patio from looking outdated, so be sure to speak to us if you’re stuck on where to start.

Let’s look at some of the trends you can expect for patio season 2022!

Four patio furniture trends of 2022 including sustainable materials, multi-purpose spaces, gas fire pits and variety


This year, expect a shift towards a “less is more” look in the outdoor space.

Many people are going to look for simple, elegant designs and functional arrangements. Overstuffing your patio will make it feel cluttered and disorganized, so look for ways to optimize the space you have.


Another trend coming to light is a turn towards patio furniture and spaces suited for all seasons and interests.

You want your patio to be THE hangout spot, meaning you should look for ways to combine features like dining, relaxation, and socialization.


No, we’re not talking about evoking nostalgia.

We’re talking about sustainability. That’s right—experts believe more people will look for sustainable materials to decorate their patio experience. Not only are they good for the environment, but many of these materials also evoke a timeless feeling that’ll hold up year after year. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our options like teak, stainless steel, aluminum, granite, and wicker.


Even if simplicity is going to be the “it” thing, this doesn’t mean your patio must be bland.

Expect many people to play with colours this year to help evoke specific themes and emotions.  By using neutral colours for your sofas and chairs and putting a pop of colour by adding toss pillows on them in the trending colours of the year is an inexpensive way of making your patio light up with fun and excitement. 


Now, this trend is a little harder to pin down.

Multiple experts say modular shapes will play a massive part in patio designs this coming season. We recommend matching the space you’re in and experimenting with ideas that don’t affect the flow of your patio.

An outdoor gas-powered fireplace in use with a few items placed on the table including some cups, a glass of wine and a flower pot


We all love a good fire to gather around, but design experts believe that gas-powered fireplaces will become the go-to choice this patio season.

It comes down to convenience. Calgary saw fire bans last summer because of our incredible heat and poor air quality, so planning ahead and getting firewood just isn’t going to be a great option if fire bans are a possibility. On top of this, gas fireplaces, like the ones we offer, showcase beautifully sleek designs perfect for any outdoor experience.  They take only minutes to light and keep you warm all evening long creating a delightful ambiance.


Open spaces make it easy to navigate, especially if you only have so much space to work with. However, some designers expect people to create separate sections to serve different purposes, all without creating a sense of partitioning.  You can accomplish this by adding real or silk plants or even just some fun pots around your deck.  Outdoor carpets can define sections as well and with the large array of outdoor carpets available now you can add a whole new dimension to your spaces. 


People want their patio sets to last a long time, so we’re expecting many people will start looking for high-quality materials to meet their needs.

Gone are the days of plastic lawn chairs and glass tables. Let’s focus on longevity with materials like teak, aluminum, stainless steel and wicker!


Too Much Matching

While evoking a theme or emotion is exactly what you want to be doing, using pieces from the same set might look a little disingenuous. Try mixing it up a little with different pieces, and let your patios’ personality come to life.

Adding Colour With Plants

With people finding more time to spend at home, many are discovering their green thumb and adding beautiful pots with lots of colour.

Minimalistic Approach

It was common a while ago to see people create elaborate patio designs that celebrate privacy, people are now looking for a less busy look. 

Keep it simple. Keep it open. Keep it inviting.


What are some trends you want to experiment with? How do you think they’ll change next year?

We are committed to helping you find that perfect patio experience that’ll last a lifetime. Contact our team today and let us match you with something fresh and new.

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