Adirondack Chair and Footstool


Adirondack Chair

Unmistakable design and east coast influence have given birth to our version of the classic Adirondack Chair. This ergonomically correct chair provides the user with comfort that rivals and surpasses that of upholstery seating. Additionally, the Adirondack Footstool is a must-have counterpart to the Adirondack Chair.

Item Code AD60N
Material Teak
Width 29"
Height 38"
Depth 37"
Seat Height 15"
Arm Height 22.5"
Net Weight 26.46 pounds
Gross Weight 35.37 pounds
Box Dimension 41.34"W x 8.27"H x 29.92"D
Packaging Knock Down
Optional Uphostery


Adirondack Footstool

Classic character with quality construction is what the Three Birds Adirondack represents. Used with matching footstool or without, our Adirondack chair will always provide a restfull and relaxing experience.

Item Code AD10N
Material Teak
Width 24"
Height 15"
Depth 25"
Net Weight 13.23 pounds
Gross Weight 17.64 pounds
Box Dimension 29.72"W x 5.91"H x 24.02"D
Packaging Knock Down
Optional Uphostery
Style: Chair