Venice Standing Daybed with Canopy Frame & Fabric Panels

SKU: 337X0+333X0+334X0

The Venice Daybed is a versatile item offering two options for use: as a swing or a standing daybed. It comes with thick, white ropes that allow you to suspend it and enjoy a gentle swinging motion, or you can choose to stand it up in your favorite location. Additional enhancements include a canopy frame which comes with a canopy, side, and back curtains offering both shade and privacy. The seat cushion is sized like a twin mattress, providing ample space to stretch out or snuggle up with your favorite people. Whether you’re looking to lounge by the pool, read a book in the garden, or simply take a nap in the sun, the Venice daybed is the perfect way to relax the day away.

Venice Standing Daybed with Canopy Frame & Fabric Panels
with 6″ twin mattress-sized seat cushion, 2 bolster pillows, 4 24×24″ pillows, standing leg base, Canopy Frame & Fabric Panels.

DURABLE | Rust-proof aluminum frames are powder coated for smooth, beautiful finish that will last for years to come. Areas with high salinity should rinse aluminum frames regularly.
ECO FRIENDLY | Aluminum products are fully recyclable.
COMFORT | Extreme comfort with plush cushions. Quick dry foam and Rain® fabric options available.
WEATHER RESISTANT | Sun, wind, rain – these products withstand the seasons and their elements.
LOW MAINTENANCE | Rinsing with water is all aluminum furniture needs. Avoid using pressure washers.